What is a Good Substitute for Tomatoes | Vegetables?

Tomatoes are not acceptable to some people who always ask “what is a good substitute for tomatoes?” If this question is knocking to your mind, you will be happy to read this content. Sometimes we want to add tomatoes for cooking dishes but can’t find it nearby hands.

You have to skip tomatoes is the quickest option for you if no one can understand that easily. But this idea is not good when the tomato is the main course.

So, you search the ingredients that can substitute for tomatoes. You can use tamarind paste, red bell pepper, green pesto, or gherkins instead of tomatoes.

Tomatoes are a widespread cooking element in our everyday life. Most people love to add some tomatoes to their food to enhance the taste. Whatever, finding the substitutes are also necessary.

Tomatoes have different forms of usage like fresh tomatoes, tomatoes in curry, salad, tomato sauce, tomatoes in chilli, tomato paste, and canned or crushed tomatoes.

All of these have substitutes which you can skip using tomatoes and also keep the taste the same. In this context, we will describe suitable substitutes for tomatoes.

Substitute for Fresh Tomatoes

Do you want to make a salad or decorate come in but don’t want to use tomatoes in it? There are solutions for you. If you don’t like tomatoes, there are red bell peppers or red capsicum as your best solution.

Tomatoes provide red color to your food and a little bit of sweetness that you will get from both red bell peppers or red capsicum. Besides, canned tomatoes are a very common substitute for fresh tomatoes. You can use any of these to keep the taste of fresh tomatoes.

Here we can suggest to you some suitable Substitutes for Tomatoes which can keep the taste of your food without using tomatoes:

  • Tamarind paste: If you want to make tomatoes chutney, tamarind paste may take the place of tomato.
  • Green Mangoes: Green mangoes had a texture like a tomato when it cooked.
  • Gherkins: Some cucumber, brine,  vinegar, and other ingredients added for being fermented for many days.
  • Umeboshi Paste: It is a Japanese organic paste that tastes are sour and salty.
  • Pumpkins: Pumpkin has naturally got quite the same sweetness.

Substitute for Tomatoes in Curry

Many people love tomatoes curry or add in different curry dishes. Besides, those people don’t like tomatoes, but they want tomatoes to flavor in the curry. So, the Substitute for tomatoes is their choice to get that flavor.

When you find tomatoes for their delicious tartness in some recipes, but you have no more tomatoes at home. In this situation, sometimes you may try tamarind because, from a taste perspective, it nearly replicates your tomatoes. But be careful about the amount of tamarind while using.

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Tomato-based yogurt is also giving you the right kind of tartness. Adding time maintains the taste of the cooking. Some you may use olive to get the tartness in your fish curry. It will satisfy your expectations and will also add a distinct flavor.

Substitute for Tomatoes in Salad

Salad with tomatoes has an incredible combination. It is impossible to think about salad without tomato because of its extra flavor.

Without finding any tomatoes or may not find fresh tomatoes, then it would be best if you found the substitutes for tomatoes in a salad. You don’t need to be tensed at all as you can use any seasonal fruits like cherries, figs, and apricots.

There are also various berries, for example, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc. Depending on the area refers to multiple uses. You can also add some peaches, palms, or nectarines.

Canned tomatoes bring allergenic reactions.  It would help if you thought about something that can take the replacement of your favorite tomatoes. For getting the beautiful red color and sweetness in your salad can find it in tomatoes. Let’s try some red capsicum instead of tomatoes.

Tomato Sauce Substitute

You can rarely think of your snack time without tomato sauce. But, what if there is no tomato sauce in your home? Then you will find tomato sauce substitute to have tasty snacks.

You can use tomato paste instead of sauces, which will give the best similar taste of using tomato sauce. Canned tomatoes, tomato juice, or tomato soup are representing tomato sauce substrate.

Furthermore, while making tomato sauce, tomatoes need to be stewed for some time. Stewing fresh tomatoes is a hassle. Therefore, many people find the Substitute for stewed tomatoes. Let’s know the steps to make the stewed sauce:

  1. Firstly, you need to peel; core seed your tomatoes,
  2. Secondly, you need to dice them,
  3. Then you need to add some onion, pepper, and celery to it,
  4. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes with light heat covering the bowl,
  5. Finally, add some sugar and seasoning and mix them well.

Substitute for Tomato in Chili

When you want to make tomato in chilli, half tomato chopped without seeds and half are having seeds. Then blend it and take a pan for heating that tomato paste with adding sugar, salt, add chilli whatever you want.

Tomatoes with chili are a ubiquitous combination to most people though different people have different tastes about their chili. Some people think that chili does not need tomatoes.

They find the Substitute, but you can try with a dash of apple cider vinegar, tomatillos, roasted cumin seeds, and beans, which will be an excellent substitute for tomatoes in chili.

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Cumin makes you taste like chili. Sometimes you may use beef stock to replace tomatoes in your dried chili to make it outstanding.

No doubt thinking about roasted red pepper as a unique substitution. Maybe it would be sweeter than the tomatoes, but you will get a super texture and color.

Substitute for Tomato Paste

Adding some tomato paste to your food can enhance the taste. Therefore, You need to spend some extra time making the paste, which can cause problems for you. From tomato paste, you may get salty and sweet flavors.

In this case, sometimes, an extra pinch of salt with a little sugar can work well instead of tomato paste. Soy sauce can also take a little bit of place in tomato paste.

But users should be concerned about the amount of it. Because more amount can make the cuisine less tasty. The other  best tomato paste substitute can be

  •  Tomato pasta can give a similar taste to tomato paste.
  • Canned tomatoes contain seeds and pulp, which are watery. You can use it by simmering and straining.
  • Marinara sauce to reduce extra moisture, simmer it, and it will resemble your tomato paste.
  •  Tomato ketchup can provide a similar taste to tomato paste.
  • Fresh tomatoes –  chopping and simmering, make tomato paste substitute.

Substitute for Canned Tomatoes

Some people think that canned tomatoes do not contain proper nutrients, and they search for substitutes. The best natural Substitute for canned tomatoes is using fresh tomatoes.

When we do not get fresh tomatoes, we use canned tomatoes for preparing our food. But if you don’t like to use the canned tomatoes, what will be your alternative that time? So what else matches?

Yeah,  you can try tomato paste or diced tomatoes. You may also use a tomato puree substitute, which is made of cooked tomatoes. It helps thicken your sauces and add extra flavors.

You can also quickly try passata or store-bought pasta sauce to complete your recipe. At this point, we can recommend you some other best substitutions for canned tomatoes in chili.

Replacement for Crushed Tomatoes

When you are a tomato lover, you cook different food items using tomato. So, you can reserve crushed tomatoes. For releasing tomato juice, a mixer helps you the process. Medium temperature is necessary to heat, and lemon juice is adding to each jar.

Crushed tomatoes are mainly used to make pizza sauce. Sometimes these tomatoes are not much available when you need a replacement for that. It is one kind of tomato paste made by hand. So, Tomato paste may be a good option for replacing crushed tomatoes.

Besides, You also have other options as a replacement for crushed tomatoes. Such as:

  • Fresh Tomatoes
  • Diced Tomatoes
  • Tomato Paste
  • Marinara
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Tomato Paste
  • Spaghetti or Pizza Sauce
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(Frequently Asked Questions) About Substitute for Tomatoes

What is a good substitute for canned tomatoes?

Diced tomatoes and tomato sauce are replacement options substrates for canned tomatoes. We know that Canned tomatoes are a kind of processed food. For this reason, many people generally ignore it nowadays, and that’s why finding the Substitute for food mill tomatoes becomes necessary. A food mill is a tool that easily mashes soft food like potatoes and tomatoes to create soup and sauces.

Are processed tomatoes better than fresh?

Present researchers say that processed tomatoes are better than fresh tomatoes for health as they produce a significant amount of lycopene. Cooked or processed tomatoes lycopene is easily absorbed by the body. The poly chemical elements present in fresh tomatoes contain significant antioxidant properties also. But according to the latest research results, cooking tomatoes can boost the antioxidant power of tomatoes.

Can you use diced tomatoes instead of whole tomatoes?

Diced tomatoes are one of the best substitutes instead of whole tomatoes. Whole tomatoes turn into diced, crushed and sauced, etc. Moreover, Diced tomatoes which are containing cool ripen tomatoes without peel, salt. If You don’t like to use whole tomatoes in your food, you can make dice with them and use them in your food.

Can I substitute tomato soup for tomato juice?

Tomato juice is the mashed juicy portion of tomatoes. It is used for cooking meat, poultry, or fish. Tomato juice contains enough acid, which helps break down the toughness of the meat or poultry. If you want tomato juice for a replacement, you will add tomato soup by adding some water for thick to thinner.

How do I substitute tomato soup for tomato sauce?

Tomato soup is an excellent substitution for tomato sauce. The main difference is the texture and thicker than tomato soup. It would help if you made the soup a little bit thick to find the best similar taste with sauce.


In this context, we have tried to provide all the necessary information about substitutes tomatoes. I think we can give you the answer to the question-“What is a good substrate for tomatoes?” Thus you can find your easy solution. You have substitutes for all kinds of USA get of tomatoes in any food item.

We include all appropriate substitutes for individual types of food elements. With this help, you cook make many attractive tomato-rich recipes without tomato.

So you can enjoy all the food items that are related to tomatoes for whole years. On the other hand, the Substitute for tomato contains potassium, vitamins, and folate, keeping your heart and the body well.

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