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Carrots are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, a source of minerals and fiber that you can enjoy as snacks. However, you can prepare carrots in various ways to keep them healthy and delicious. Besides, carrots are beneficial to increase immunity. However, since the number of calories in carrots is low, you can eat three carrots per day, it has 60 calories. The nutrients in carrots improve hair, skin, and eyes and help prevent various types of cancer. Well, how to eat carrots?

You can eat them as plain snacks to make them tasty and nutritious. You can also use carrots to make smoothies, muffins, and fried rice more yummy and delicious. You can add carrots to increase the vitamins in your favorite recipe and carrots are very nutritious with your favorite salad.

To help you out, here in this guide, we will provide you with such methods to how to eat carrots.

So let’s see how you can eat carrots.

Benefits of eating carrots on an empty stomach

Raw carrots are best when eaten on an empty stomach—eating carrots 30 minutes before any meal or as a snack is the healthiest. Carrots contain vitamin A which helps to improve eye health.

Besides, the minerals in carrots maintain cholesterol and aid in weight loss. Antioxidants reduce the risk of heart disease and prevent various types of cancer. Carrot juice cleanses and detoxifies the liver. So if you take it as a morning drink, you will avoid a terrible hangover.

Besides, carrot juice not only improves health but also is very beneficial in enhancing beauty. The beta-carotene in carrots reduces sunburn and protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

It also plays an essential role in preventing cell decay.  Increasing the amount of collagen in the skin slows down the growth of the body and reduces aging.

Nutrients in carrots
  • Carrots contain antioxidants beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, phytochemicals, and glutathione, calcium, and potassium sources.
  • Besides, carrots are rich in vitamins that act as antioxidants to protect and nourish the skin.
  • Minerals Calcium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium are essential to keep bones strong and healthy. And carrots provide the minerals.
  • The phosphorus in carrots is essential for skin, hair, and nerve health.
  • Carrots are low in calories.
  • Our body strengthens the immune system by converting beta-carotene to vitamin A.
Health benefits of carrots:
  1. Eating carrots every day helps control high blood pressure and cholesterol.
  2. The importance of carrots in improving eye health is immense.
  3. Improves menstrual flow and increases breast milk.
  4. Eating carrots on an empty stomach every day removes toxins from our bodies and helps to remove unused hormones.
  5. Carrot juice cleanses and detoxifies the liver.
  6. It helps to improve colon health.
  7. The beta carotene in carrots prevents the skin from sunburn.
  8. The fiber in raw carrots reduces inflammation and maintains hormonal balance.
  9. Eating raw carrots every day has a detoxifying effect on the body.
  10. The beta-carotene in carrots prevents various cancer cells and prevents night blindness.
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How to eat carrots raw?

  • Raw carrots are more beneficial than boiled carrots because boiled carrots contain more beta-carotene.
  • Raw carrots are high in beneficial nutrients.
  • When carrots are eaten raw, only 3% of beta carotene is available in the body. This is because the carrot’s cell walls are thick, and body juices cannot easily break it down. When carrots are cooked with oil, it contains 39% beta carotene.
  • Carrots with lemon juice are one of the best food because it improves skin, hair, and nails.

How to eat carrots in a healthy way?

Carrot is a versatile vegetable so it can be eaten in various healthy ways. Carrots can be eaten boiled, raw, steamed, fried, or even eaten with soup or smoothie. Besides, eating carrot juice on an empty stomach is very beneficial for our health.

  • To prepare carrots for any recipe, first, peel and wash them.
  • Cut carrots into small pieces for use in coleslaw and salads.
  • Use chopped carrots for baked goods such as carrot cake, and muffins.
  • Use carrot sticks or baby carrots as snacks. You can also enjoy dipping it in hummus.
  • Add carrots to any fruit juice and smoothie.
  • Boiled vegetables are low in nutrients and vitamins, but raw or steamed carrots are high in nutrients.
  • Also, carrots are very beneficial for those who want to lose weight. So mixing carrots with avocado, nuts, or other beans is very helpful.

How to get kids to eat raw carrots?

Kids love carrots because they are bright, colorful, and naturally sweet. Kids will be able to eat raw carrots so you can give them baby carrots or carrot sticks. However, some children do not like to eat raw vegetables.

So feeding your little one carrot becomes a lot more challenging. Different from carrot cutting will depend on whether your child will bite the carrot and chew it. So let’s see how to get your kids to eat raw carrots.

  • Baby carrots: Baby carrots are low in nutrients but are perfect for feeding babies. You can cut the baby carrots so they will enjoy them.
  • Carrot sticks: You can give your child carrot sticks to enjoy the carrots’ taste and provide nutrients. It can be eaten by diving at a homemade ranch.
  • Shredded carrots: As a snack, shredded carrots to add to any salad or vegetable. Use this type of carrot to toss over steamed broccoli.
  • Crinkle cuts carrots: The easiest way to give a baby a carrot is to cut the carrot in a crinkle way. This will allow the children to grab and bite the carrots with their tiny hands easily.

How to prepare carrots in many ways?

Since carrots are very healthy for us, they can be prepared in many ways. You can organize and eat carrots in different ways. Well, how to eat purple carrots? Can it be eaten like a regular carrot? How to eat carrots meme? How to eat fried carrots?

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Then see how many ways to eat carrots.

How to eat carrots as a steamy side?

Since carrots are a versatile vegetable, you can steam carrots on any of your favorite foods. For example, you can add carrot slices to what you are cooking pasta or noodles. It will cook carrots just like your other food items. By doing this, you will get the nutrients of carrots.

However, carrots can be steamed very quickly and do not require an oven. All you have to do is take a shallow pot, put some carrots in it, and add some water. Then cover the pot with damp paper. You can also microwave carrots until they are soft enough to eat.

Steaming vegetables are cooked healthily so that no other fats are added to your vegetables. However, be careful not to take too much water while cooking carrots because it will supply vitamin C in water to carrots.

How to eat fried carrots?

Add roasted carrots instead of french fries to eat healthier.

  1. Cut the carrots thinly like a stick, resembling fries.
  2. Then place the carrot sticks on a hot baking sheet.
  3. Drizzle with heart-healthy olive oil and put in the oven.
  4. Carrots need to be rotated frequently during cooking, so they do not burn.
  5. Enjoy it with the sauce of your choice at the end of the frying.

How to eat pureed carrots?

If you do not like to eat raw or cooked carrots, you can enjoy it with pureed carrots.

  • Steam the carrots until fork-tender. Then wait for it to cool.
  • When cool, add a small amount of water and pile them in a food processor.
  • Puree the carrots well and make a thick, consistent paste.
  • Puree carrots you add next to your favorite marinade sauce, meatloaf recipe, ground turkey patties, or brown rice. You can also combine it with morning oatmeal.
  • This way, you can absorb the nutrients of carrots.

How to eat carrots as a snack

Carrots are great as a snack, especially for those who want to lose weight. Carrots are low in calories and fat but high in vitamins and minerals. Carrot sticks come first when carrots are taken as snacks. However, you can use carrots as snacks in different ways. Then see how to use carrots as an alternative healthy snack.

Carrots with Dip

Carrots come in different colors but raw carrot sticks are the most nutritious for our health.

  • If you want a healthy diet and a high-protein breakfast, enjoy carrot sticks with peanut or almond butter.
  • If you want to get a dose of fiber and protein, enjoy dipping carrot sticks in hummus.
  • Enjoy dipping in guacamole to enhance the flavor of carrots. In the case of guacamole, you must keep it within the limit because 1/2 cup contains 120 calories.
  • Combine garlic powder and dill with plain yogurt, then enjoy by dipping a carrot stick in it. It will supply 25% potassium to your body every day.
  • A combination of low-fat plain yogurt, honey, and cinnamon makes a meal, and enjoys a carrot stick with it. This meal contains sources of calcium and protein.
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How to eat carrot leaves?

Many people think that carrot leaves are poisonous, but this is not true. You can eat carrot leaves, and it has the same nutrients as carrots. Carrot leaves you can eat cooked in the same recipe as mustard greens, parsley greens, and spinach.

Raw carrot leaves can be eaten as a salad, but it isn’t charming in taste. You can also add olive oil, black pepper powder, and other greens to sauté carrot leaves. You can also add carrot leaves as a toss-in soup or stock.

  • Make carrot leaf pesto, then enjoy it with roasted carrots.
  • Make a dip in the combination of garlic, herbs, and vinegar with the carrot leaves. It is as delicious as it is nutritious.
  • You can make a great meal using vegetable scraps. Add carrot leaves to make this dish more delicious and nutritious.
  • You can make a pesto with a combination of walnut, garlic, olive oil, and cheese with carrot leaves. Then you make vegetable noodles by adding sweet potatoes, carrots, and other vegetables. Use carrot pesto as a toss-in vegetable noodle. It will double the taste of noodles.
  • Make the pesto by mixing carrot leaves with mint leaves. It is as delicious as it is nutritious and perfect as a snack. Enjoy this pesto with Grilled Vegetable.

(Frequently Asked Questions) About eat carrots

 How many carrots to eat a day?

Since carrots are a source of vitamins and minerals and do not contain any toxins, you can eat 50 calories a day. So you can eat one cup of carrots or ten baby carrots every day. It has 50 calories.

How many carrots do you need to eat to turn orange?

You will need 40 to 50 beta-carotene per day for a few weeks for skin discoloration. A carrot contains 4 mg of beta-carotene. So if you eat ten carrots every day for a few weeks, then your skin color will change.

How many carrots to eat per week?

Carrots are safe to eat up to about 50 calories per day. So you can eat 1 cup or 10 to 12 baby carrots every day. This will keep the balance of beta-carotene in your body. So you can eat one cup or ten baby carrots every day for a few weeks.


Although carrots are rich in nutrients, they must be eaten in moderation. This is because eating extra carrots can cause carotenemia. However, the importance of carrots is essential to improve our skin, eyes, and hair. You can also eat carrots in various ways to prevent cancer.

Well, how to eat carrots? You can enjoy carrots raw, steamed, cooked, and cooked in many recipes.

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