Can Hamsters Eat Tomatoes

Can Hamsters Eat Tomatoes | Vegetables?

If you are a hamster owner and a tomato lover, this article is especially for you informing about the hamster diet related to tomatoes. Whether we call tomatoes a fruit or a vegetable, We can’t imagine a single day ignoring tomatoes and our wonderful furry friend, hamsters. Imagine how free they live!

To diversify these domesticated animals’ regular diet, this question crosses into many hamster owners’ minds: Can hamsters eat tomatoes? If yes, what type of tomatoes can it eat? How much can it eat? Is it safe? By reading this article, you’ll find all the questions and answer that you may ask surrounding this topic.

So, let’s dive and enjoy it.

Can hamsters eat cherry tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes are small, round, glossy, and their colour is generally red, occasionally yellow. For their small and round shape, many people call them baby tomatoes. Now the question is: Can hamsters eat baby tomatoes or cherry tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes consist of water, sugar, calcium, salt, phosphorus, acid, and fat content. If you observe the amount of each particular element in a cherry tomato, you’ll notice it contains a lot of water, a little phosphorus, sugar, and acidic element.

Due to the huge amount of water, it may upset a hamster’s stomach, and your hamster may fall into many health problems.

Can hamsters eat grape tomatoes?

Grape tomatoes are a combination of cherry and plum tomatoes. Because they are about half or similar in size to cherry tomatoes.

Further, baby plum tomatoes are known as grape tomatoes. However, let’s come back to our main discussion, Can hamsters eat baby plum tomatoes that mean grape tomatoes?

Either you prefer cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes, no veterinarian never recommends any tomatoes to eat to your hammy. Even though, if your hammy devours tomatoes very rarely, don’t worry about its health.

No matter what type of tomato it eats, either cherry or grape, it will be excellent and safe if it takes a few bites. It is generally not considered toxic or poisonous, though it will be best if you avoid it totally.

can hamsters eat cucumber and tomatoes?

Cucumber is a fresh green vegetable, which is grown all over the globe. If hamsters are allowed to eat cucumbers, they can eat definitely eat cucumbers with tomatoes. For that purpose, firstly, we have to know Can hamsters eat cucumbers?

Yes, hamsters can eat cucumber. It provides them with the right amount of energy, and it is an excellent food for baby hamsters for its softness.

Which nutrition can a hamster get from a cucumber?

From a cucumber, the pet can get vitamin K, vitamin B, vitamin C, antioxidants, and heart benefits too. But as long as it is very watery, a cucumber slice twice a week is adequate for hamsters.

Overeating cucumbers make your hamster wet stools if it’s fed too much or too often. Because their digestive system is susceptible, so too much-eating anything may lead to digestive problems.

How many cucumbers should a hamster take?

The measurement of serving depends on the size of the hamsters. Syrian hamsters can devour 2 inches every day, Robo hamsters can digest not more than 1 inches every day, and finally, a dwarf hamster can consume 1 inch of cucumber each week.

Any Side effects of it?

Before serving, cut the cucumbers into small pieces so that they can chew them very quickly. If you don’t help small amounts of it, neither hamster can swallow it nor digest it. Later, it will cause infections, and excessive cucumbers can cause them diarrhea and other health issues.

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Alternatives of cucumber :

Take two days to check whether the pet reveals any negative health issues or not. If they are affected by it, try some alternatives such as carrots, apples, strawberries, broccoli, and various other veggies together with a few slices of tomatoes. They will love it.

Can hamsters eat lettuce and tomatoes?

Hamsters eat both plants and animals (typically insects). That’s why they are called omnivores. That means they can eat everything but not in enormous quantities. So why can’t they eat lettuce with tomatoes? Including plants or vegetables, Can hamsters eat lettuce?

Lettuce is a low calorie, water-rich vegetable. Some lettuce is loose-leaf lettuce, butter-head lettuce, celtuce, romaine lettuce, and Summer crisp.

What you have to be careful about this, don’t go overboard while serving. No doubt, your pet will love you more if you serve their favourite food.

But it would be best if you remember the limitation of their every food while making the diet. They are small mammals. For that reason, they can’t digest a lot of food at a time.

Nutritional value:

1)      Vitamin C – stops the oxidation of bad cholesterol.

2)      Vitamin E – damages chemicals that are called homocysteine.

3)      magnesium -removes extra sodium.

4)      Beta carotene –  keeps hearts healthy.

5)      potassium – lowers our blood pressure and makes our heart stronger.

Besides this, there is a good number of other nutritions too in the lettuce.

Overfeeding effects:

It is safe for hamsters, but I would not recommend it. Because of containing much water, it can cause diarrhea and stomach upset.

When a hamster swallows excessive lettuce than its needs, it may fall into bladder problems, gastritis, kidney, and liver infections, and also others.

Convert it as a snack from a meal

Instead of keeping lettuce on the regular diet, use it as a snack, not a meal, To get some nutritional components. If your pet hasn’t tried it before and you want to incorporate something into its diet, then lettuce is just the perfect choice.

Throw in some fresh leaves a few times a week, and improve his immune system significantly. He will cover up for all the nutrients he has been missing during a period.


There are plenty of rich nutrients in vegetables, which are much better than lettuce. Remember, iceberg lettuce causes infections to them. To avoid contact with it, always keep this lettuce away from them. The alternatives are given below.

  1. celery,
  2. parsnip,
  3. broccoli,
  4. cauliflower,
  5. basil,
  6. cilantro,
  7. carrot,
  8. sprouts,
  9. swiss chard,
  10. spinach, etc.

Can hamsters eat tomato soup?

Tomato soup isn’t the best option for hamsters at all. Because it contains too much liquid and doesn’t have many nutrients, though you want to serve, considering your pet’s health, just put a little sauce once on the main food.

I deem this quantity is safe enough. Nevertheless, the more you ignore it, the more is better for your pet. So try your best to remove this from their diet list as much as you can.

Can hamsters eat tomato sauce?

No! They can’t eat. The sauce is digestible for the human body, not for the mammals. We may know it’s too salty and has lots of additional harmful things. Even then, if you prefer to offer an occasional treat, go ahead.

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Diversify in their daily diet is really an outstanding idea for eradicating their monotony of food.

Be careful! Don’t cross limitations! The serving limitation is similar to the tomato soup, as I have told you before. Otherwise, you will responsible for the sickness of your little adorable hammy.

Can hamsters eat cheese?

As they are adaptable creatures, sometimes they love to eat unhealthy foods too much. So what about Cheese? Can they eat? It’s a great idea because cheese is a good source of calcium and protein.

But point to be noted that, first of all, you have to check the lactose intolerance or any reaction of your pet after eating cheese for two days.

Obviously, if you find nothing happens to it,  they can eat cheese, but the absolute amount is one or two times per week. Oppositely, overfeeding can disrupt their digestive systems, which may like diarrhea, vomiting, and obesity.

What kind of cheese is good for hamsters?

They can eat hard and soft cheese. The best cheese is cottage cheese, but mild Cheddar, ricotta cheese,  provolone cheese, pasteurized goat cheese, and mozzarella are also safe because of their low fat and salt.

Is there any cheese that is dangerous for my pet?

Yes, never give smoked and blue cheese/stilton to your hamster as it is incredibly lethal because these are high in saturated fat and supply plenty of salt along with flavorings. It would be best if you also avoided processed cheeses with strong seasonings.

Plus, at the time of serving cheese, ensure that you do not give onion, garlic, and spices content with cheese. Because they contain toxic substances. This can make your poor hammy anemic.

How much cheese should I serve to it?

The measurement depends on the hamster’s size. Around a teaspoon of cottage cheese is perfect for their health within a week.

But in giving another type of cheese for extra nutrition, then a few little slithers a couple of times within a month is more than sufficient.

Can hamsters eat fresh tomatoes?

No matter you offer fresh tomatoes or not. The fact is the measurement. Tomatoes can be deadly if you don’t maintain a limitation. They can’t tolerate tomatoes.

The result of overeating can be dehydration, which is the most common disease that your hamster can get. It should be a hardly treat for them, and you should serve less than half a teaspoon per serving a week.

The other thing is, tomatoes should be washed appropriately. Because all the vegetables and fruits aren’t pesticide-free, so whenever you eat or serve to your pet, wash clearly its outer part.

Can hamsters eat tomatoes seeds?

You can also provide seeds to them as they keep them healthy and provide a reasonable energy percentage. Seeds high in protein and low in starch are best, although most hamsters can eat any seeds.

But avoid dried peas and dried beans because it provides many starch and hormones that can affect them. Moreover, dried beans are poisonous. Don’t rely solely on hamster food or mixture.

But the negative side of it is huge fat content. Providing seeds in minimal quantities is good enough. However, its excessive usage will enhance the fat content and irritation of the body. Eventually, most hamsters die of diabetes or this type of similar diseases. Dwarf hamsters suffer horribly.

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There are various types of seeds, such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax, sesame, Soybeans, etc. It is imperative to select a flexible mix diet that includes a range of foods comparative to grains. Though it’s a balanced food for them, It’s not permitted to eat their favourite things unconditionally.

What about tomato leaves? Can hamsters eat tomato leaves? Basically, tomatoes are members of the nightshade family.

Because these green or unripe tomatoes, along with the tomato plant’s stems and leaves, contain tomatine, a poisonous alkaloid,  scientists call it glycoalkaloid.

It can affect neurologic and digestive tract issues of a hamster. Tomato leaves, green tomatoes, and vines are extremely toxic to hamsters. Be sure to remove them before giving your hamster tomatoes.

(Frequently Asked Questions) About Hamsters eat tomatoes?

Can dwarf hamsters eat tomatoes?

These Chinese, Campbell and Russian hamsters are much smaller than the average hamsters. They can eat almost everything, including vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts but without fruits.

Fruits are not safe for them because of containing high sugar, which can cause diabetes. However, they can eat not more than a tiny piece of tomatoes every week. However, it’ll be a wise decision to avoid tomatoes.

What vegetables can hamsters eat?

Fresh, organically grown green vegetables are the best for them. Additionally, romaine lettuce, dandelion greens, carrot, broccoli, spinach, artichokes, cauliflower, kale, cucumbers, celery, sweet potatoes (remove their skins before feeding, as molds can upset their stomach), and any other dark green veggies are wonderful choices.

Are any foods poisonous to hamsters?

Yes, many foods are poisonous to them; apple seeds, raw beans.raw potatoes, almonds, citrus fruit, garlic, onions,  iceberg lettuce, bitter almond, unwashed vegetables, garlic, onions, beans, processed sugary foods, junk food, peanuts, fatty meats, chocolate, etc. So, remain careful from now so that your pet can’t at least touch them.

Can hamsters eat carrots?

Although I’ve mentioned above that, fruits are not so safe for them; hamster experts recommend offering a few fresh fruits and vegetables.

That’s why the carrot isn’t so toxic. The perfect amount to feed them is half of one teaspoon every one or two days. Feeding a few times per week is sufficient to fulfil its requirements as a complement for their meals.

Can hamsters eat cheerios?

No other treatment is as great as cheerios because of its less sugar and salt. It is one type of breakfast. Potentially, plain and oats-based cherries don’t want any harm to them. Make sure that you feed two or three original cheerios per week outwardly flavourings and frosting with it.


As a responsible and concerned owner, it’s important to know what’s beneficial and poisonous to this little creature. Keep in mind that if your pet seems reluctant to eat tomatoes, don’t force it because it is much better rather than eating.

Always remember, whatever you serve to them, moderation is a must and hand-feeding is better than putting the food in their cage.

Hopefully, you’ve caught out all the concepts clearly from this article.

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