How to thicken tomato soup

How to thicken tomato soup | Vegetables?

Cooking is an art. Except for asking why I would prefer why not? An artist needs hours to think before making a piece of art for the world. The artist of the kitchen prepared the delicious art for us.

It will make you happy and satisfied, and the artist will be encouraged to serve more and more mouthwatering art to you. When one wants to prepare a dish, he/she needs to know how much quantity is needed to get the perfect texture.

In the case of preparing tomato soup, there are different types of making processes. Some are clear soup, and some are thick.

In thick tomato soup, the person who is preparing got confused. The cook sometimes makes it too thick or too light. For handling this situation, a perfect combination of ingredients or equipment is needed to know how to thicken tomato soup.

How to thicken tomato soup with flour?

Soups are another delicious version of eating meat and vegetables. If your tomato soup is thin, don’t worry. There is the quickest way to thicken tomato soup. A small amount of flour can solve your problem in just 5 minutes.

Method 1: Using a Flour Paste

First, take 1 cup (250 mL) of hot soup into a small bowl. Hot soup will dissolve flour quickly.

Always use metal or thick plastic material for hot items.

Then, mix 1 tablespoon of flour in the soup bowl. Continuous stirring will help to thicken the mixture. This process will take a max of 3-5 minutes.

Method 2: Thickening with Corn Flour

Estimate the amount of liquid to get a clear idea about how much cornflour should be added to the mixture.

For 250ml liquid, add one tablespoon of cornflour with 15 ml water in a small bowl. Then mix the water and flour with thorough whisking.

Continuously stir the water and cornflour mixture into the soup. Always use a wooden spoon to do this process in medium heat and wait for bubbles.

In a slow cooker, the soup needs 30 minutes to be in a thick form.

If your soup remains watery, add more cornflour to get the required thickness.

How to thicken tomato sauce?

When you are making a sauce, no one wants watery or gravy tomato sauce. To thicken tomato sauce, you must know about the thickening ingredients.

Here’s how to thicken the sauce in some easy ways given below-

Reducing the Liquid:

How to do it: Cook the sauce on medium heat until it comes in a thick form. Check repeatedly. Otherwise, the soup will taste too salty.

Reducing liquid is a method for thickening tomato sauces. Skip adding soy sauce or salts.


Arrowroot works similarly to corn starch. It can thicken the light tomato sauce at a low temperature.

How to use it: For thickening tomato sauce with arrowroot, add 1 tablespoon per cup of sauce. First, create a mixture by stirring the arrowroot into an equal amount of cold water. Pour the mixture into the hot sauce and boil it for 1 minute over medium heat.


Corn Starch:

Corn starch can work as a thickening agent.

It is cheaper than other thickening agents. It is suitable for puddings, custards, and baking items.

When cornstarch is mixed with liquid and heated, it makes a thick mixture.

How to use it: To thicken the sauce, use 1 tablespoon per cup of sauce into an equal amount of cold water. Whisk the sauce over medium heat for 1 minute. If you don’t cook properly, the corn starch will not get into thick form.


Flour is one of the best classic sauce thickeners. When mixed with a liquid, the starches of the flour expand and thickens the sauce.

How to use it: To thicken the sauce with flour, you have to mix melted butter and flour. Then whisk the melted butter in the flour and cook until golden color formed.

Egg Yolk:

Egg yolks have lots of protein. It will help to thicken tomato sauce. You can add yolks according to your requirements.

How to use it:

First, separate the egg yolks and mix them with a small amount of the hot sauce. Egg yolks enhance the richness of tomato soup.

You can also add egg yolks as salad dressings, cream sauces, and custards.


Butter adds a glossy texture to the tomato sauce. How to use it: Put a few tablespoons of cold butter into the hot sauce.

How to thicken the soup with cornstarch?

Soup can be thickened with cornstarch. It enhances the glossy texture of the soup. It’s an easy-to-use process. Methods of thickening soup with cornstarch are given below-

  • Mix the cornstarch in cold water or other cold liquid. Properly dissolve the mixture to make a slurry. Hot water creates lumps.  1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of cornstarch can thicken 1 cup of soup.
  • Start stirring until adding to the soup.
  • In the soup, cornstarch needs 200°F temperature for reaching full thickening power.
  • After 1 minute, the soup will be in a thick form. Don’t continue whisking if the soup has thickened.

The gelatinous cornstarch may break apart and thin the sauce again. If this happens, add more cornstarch to the soup and put it on a shimmer.

How to thicken the cream of mushroom soup?

There are two steps for thickening cream of mushroom soup.

  • Step 1: To thicken the cream of mushroom soup, add 1/4 cup of all-purpose flour to the mushroom soup. You can add more flour for more thickness.
  • Step 2: To thicken the mushroom soup’s cream, you can puree half mushroom of the soup until it gives a smooth and silky texture.

Pure mushroom works as a thickener. If you prefer full thickened cream of mushroom soup, then puree all mushrooms in the soup.  Always use a wooden spoon to make the recipe.

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What makes tomato soup taste good?

We can add some items to make traditional tomato soup exciting. Here are 12 creative ideas that make tomato soup taste good.

  1. Add a little cream and some fresh basil leaves with canned tomatoes.
  2. Put 1 or 2 teaspoons of Thai red curry paste and some cooked rice in the classic tomato soup. You can also add cooked shrimp on the top.
  3. Add melted cheese and toasted bread with raw garlic. Then put as dressings.
  4. Mix some red wine vinegar in the tomato soup and dress it with mozzarella and fresh basil leaves.
  5. Add pesto and toasted pine nuts to increase the taste of tomato soup.
  6. Make some bacon and onion sautéed in a pan with the traditional soup and garnish it little cream.
  7. Add cooked chicken breast, barley, and spinach in a tomato soup and cook them together.
  8. You can mix Sautee onions, garlic, and kale in the tomato soup. Serve it with lemon and parmesan.
  9. Sautee garlic and onion with some diced tomatoes and chopped olives can increase flavor.

Can you make tomato soup out of tomato sauce?

Some of us think in tomato soup, using tomato sauce is must having ingredient. But you can make tomato soup without tomato sauce.

  1. Add some parmesan cheese to the tomato soup and let it warm. This gives a thicker texture.
  2. Mix one cup of all-purpose flour with 1 ½ teaspoon baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Add to the tomato soup.
  3. You can use small amounts of tomato paste for the replacement of tomato sauce. The paste can have preserved for months in a freezer.

How can we preserve tomato soup for a long time?

Preserving tomato soup is a great way to have a quick meal. But we need to know the process of preserving tomato soup for a long time.

Soup is naturally low-acidic food. The only process of preserving low-acidic food is freezing.

Freezing tomato soup also eliminates the growth of unexpected spores.

Traditional tomato soup does not need any thickening agent, so it freezes so well.

If cream or milk is added to the tomato causes a separation between the proteins and the liquids. Freezing is the only solution.

There are some processes for preserving the tomato soup given below-

  • Freezing Homemade Tomato Soup:

Before preserving tomato soup, let it cool. Once it has cooled, pour the soup into a rigid plastic container with an airtight lid. Then, put the freezer in.

  • Freezing Store-Bought Tomato Soup:

You can freeze the store-bought tomato soup also. For freezing, pour the cool soup into a plastic container with an airtight lid.

You can keep tomato soup for 4 to 6 months in a freezer. You can keep Reheated tomato soup for an additional 3 to 4 days in the fridge.

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What kind of salad goes best with tomato soup?

Tomato and Feta White Bean Salad:

When the salad comes with the tomato soup, it can take as a main course. You can add grilled meat or fish for more garnishing.

Spinach Salad:

For this quick side dish, I kept the classic spinach salad with warm brown butter dressing.

Weeknight Winter Salad:

If you’re bored eating the same lettuce salad, you can change your mood with sweet Swiss chard. This tender green is the base of the weeknight salad. It has fennel, cubed sweet potato, and sliced cucumber, and orange vinaigrette.

(Frequently Asked Questions) About Tomato Soup

How do you thicken homemade tomato soup?

You can add flour or cornflour to thicken your homemade tomato soup. Just take a tablespoon of flour or cornflour in a small bowl and mix it with the soup. Then stir continuously for 2-3 minutes.  After that, you will get a smooth texture. If not, do the process again.

What can I do if my soup is too watery?

At first, remove excess broth with a ladle and let it cook until the water amount reduces. If your soup is too watery, you may use flour and cornstarch to thicken the soup and get a smooth result. For absorbing excess water, you can add rice, pasta, potato, or tapioca.

How can I thicken the soup without flour?

Here are some of the ways to thicken soups without flour:

  • Immersion Blender: If you want to thicken the soup without flour, you can blend the other parts.
  • Beans in a can or raw form.
  • Puree Your Vegetables
  • Blended Nuts
  • Coconut milk: It gives the soup a sweet and smooth texture.

Is tomato soup supposed to be thick?

In my opinion, tomato soup is supposed to have medium o thin consistency. It should be thicker than broth but not like thick gravy. I prefer to roast tomatoes and then pour them into the soup. If you want a creamy based tomato soup, add little cream that will enhance smoothness.

What is the healthiest way to thicken soup?

Ans: The healthiest way to thicken soup:

  • Vegetables. If you want to thicken the soup most healthily, add pureed vegetables.
  • Potatoes: they are better than creams, butter, or white flour.
  • Beans: It’s a source of B vitamins, potassium, and fiber.
  • Bread: Add a silky texture.
  • Rice
  • Flaxseed


Sometimes tomato soup doesn’t have the thickness we need. If it tastes perfect but watery, you can fix it with some techniques.

In this, we discuss how to thicken tomato soup. This will help you to enhance the soup flavor and thicken the soup.

People prefer thick tomato soup. You can add tomato paste, flour, cornflour, or many thickening ingredients to thicken tomato soup. This will provide a fresh flavor and smooth, glossy texture.

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