What Animals Eat Tomato Plants

What Animals Eat Tomato Plants | Vegetables?

Have you grown new tomato plants in your garden? Now some unknown animals are destroying your plants, right? There are some kinds of animals that live on vegetable plants. You need to apply some techniques to protect your plants as soon as possible.

In this article, we have talked about such animals, which may be why you panic. Not only that, but we will also discuss how to keep you’re your plants away and safe from these animals. So, go through this article to know, ‘What animals eat tomato plants?’

What Kind of Animal Eats Tomato Plants?

Animals are so much adorable. But they are accepted in our house for their bad habit of eating plants. ‘What type of animal eats tomato plants?’ is very simple to answer. Here is a list of names of tomato-eating animals.

  • Chipmunks: they live in woods and logs. If your home is near any forest, then you may suffer due to this animal. They love to eat the fruit part only. So, there is no harm to the plant. This animal is also a high jumper, so you can’t keep it away by building a fence.
  • Birds: they reach the top portion of the plants. If you see small beak sized holes on the fruits, it may be due to birds. Build a net over the trees. Plant more flower plants to encourage pollination by those birds.
  • Rabbits: They eat plants, leaves, and fruits. They rip off the portion smoothly. Try to find out any rabbit burrow around your garden. Build an electric rabbit fence that will keep away rabbits but doesn’t hurt them.
  • Deer: they are omnivorous, which means they live on vegetables and plants. They are known for totally damaging a plant from top to bottom. Keep a strong-smelling thing or a dog to deter the deer. You may wonder, thinking, ‘what animal eats whole tomato plants?’ and the answer is a deer.
  • Raccoons: They are too competent to handle. Build your garden in a place surrounded by a human. Raccoons avoid this kind of area. Keep some animal food in the garden to distract them.

There are some more animals like voles, groundhogs, etc. So, here is the answer to your question, ‘what animals would eat the tomato plants?’

What Animals Eat Tomato Plants at Night?

You visit your tomato garden every morning and then see scattered tomato plants. Then you may be worried about, ‘what animal is eating tomato plants at night?’ Well, this is not a very good scene to watch.

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You must know what is destroying your plants at night. Deer, squirrels, raccoons- all of them eat tomatoes at night. Raccoons are good climbers, so you can’t keep them away by keeping a fence. Deers leave a track of their way. So, you can identify if a deer has done this.

Some pests can do this. In fact, birds can be included in your list. They attack a plant from the top. If you have a question, ‘What animals eat the top of the tomato plants?’ birds do this without any doubt.

What Animal Eats the Tomato Plants Seeds?

There is some larva that lives on seeds. They are large and green, that’s why they are not easily seen. Also, some cutworms may do this. They are also larva or moths that can eat seeds.

There is a massive possibility that snails, slugs, or birds can do this. In the rainy season, the moist weather increases the wandering of snails and slugs. Here is a solution to this. Go with a torch after dusk to your garden to see if these are eating your seeds.

Put on a glove before doing this. Whenever you catch them feeding seeds, handpick them in a jar containing water. Then dispose of the water, and throw away the snails in a trash can. In the case of birds, put a net or mesh over the garden to keep them out.

You can also use snail or slug bait to catch them. O do not worry about the question, ‘what animal eats the tomato plants seedlings?’ do the way we mentioned above.

What is Eating My Tomatoes from the Bottom?

All types of animals love tomatoes, especially ripe tomatoes. Rabbits, squirrels, and raccoons eat tomatoes from the bottom. A deer eats the whole tomato plant. I am guessing it can be a groundhog. Groundhogs usually eat fruits and vegetables hanging from the bottom.

How to Protect Tomatoes from Animals?

Step 1: the first step for you is keeping your garden away from the woods. There are several omnivorous animals in the forest. If you build it in a public area, animals will fear to come.

Step 2: set a cage putting some peanut butter inside it. Do not forget to keep a mousetrap. It may kill squirrels or chipmunks.

Step 3: if you do not like to kill animals, set some smell repellents. Use some predator’s urine for it. This will scare away the small animals.

Step 4: put a net or mesh around the fruits when it’s time to ripening. This will keep away the birds.

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Step 5: you can put any shiny things. It will scare the birds. You can also set a fake predator bird like the falcon, eagle, etc.

Step 6: you can get some repellent spray to scare them off. In any drug store, you can get a repellent spray. This works best for squirrels. Also, you can make your repellent at home by using pepper or spice.

Step 7: you can make your natural bug free spray. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda, half a spoon of detergent, and two and a half spoon of olive oil. Mix this with one liter of water. Keep the mixture in the bottle and shake it. You have to spray once a week.

You can use vinegar on your tomato plant. Vinegar and tomato- both are acidic. Vinegar act as repellent and fungicide.

Step 8: you can use a hydrogen peroxide mixture over your tomato plants. This will keep away the virus, bacteria, and fungus.

Step 9: you can build an electric fence around the garden. An electric fence keeps the rabbits and squirrels away. It produces a high voltage shock to scare animals. But it doesn’t do any harm to animals. Animals will not chew your plant unnecessarily if you follow this technique.

What is the Best Insect Spray for Tomato Plants?

Tomatoes are mainly summer vegetables. But you can grow them the whole year. But the problem is pests. You can make some home-made pest control sprays or get them from the shop.

You can use neem oil extract. This can combat whiteflies and bacillus. You have an option of pyrethrum for beetles. There are many synthetic insect killers available such as permethrin, carbaryl,

malathion, bifenthrin, cyhalothrin, cyfluthrin, etc. For simple use, you can use soap water. It may work sometimes.

Copper spray can work sometimes. Chlorothalonil and captan work as fungicides. You can use vinegar, soda, pepper spray if you don’t want any artificial chemicals in your garden. This insecticide may be hazardous for your children.

(Frequently Asked Questions) About Animals Eat Tomato Plants

What is eating my tomato plants at night?

Caterpillars can do this type of harm. Also, slugs, snails, beetles are on this list. These bugs eat tomatoes at night. All you have to do is search for them at night time. Whenever you see them, dispose of them by handpicking. These bugs are hazardous for your pets and plants.

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What animal eats tomatoes?

Name of some tomato eating animals and bugs are- caterpillar, five- spotted hawk moth, vole, stink bugs, corn earworm aphid, slug, frog, mite, whiteflies. Also, there are spider mites, beetles, brown marmorated stink bugs, rabbits, squirrels, deer, groundhog, birds, earwig, gastropods, lepidopterans, mealybug, etc. These all are acquainted with eating tomato plants.

Does squirrel eat tomato plants?

Yes, squirrels eat tomato plants. They are high climbers, so it is very easy for them to reach your plants. Fences can’t keep them away. They are omnivorous. They like to eat sweet and ripe tomatoes. And their stealing time is early morning.

How do I keep animals from eating my tomato plants?

You can build a fence around the garden. This fence will keep away the groundhogs and rabbits. As squirrels and raccoons are high jumpers, you can build some mouse traps scattered in your garden. For birds, keep some bird foods to distract. You can also put the net on top of the plants. A dog can be a good deterrent for rabbits and deers.

What animal is eating my tomatoes at night?

Deer, squirrels, raccoons, and birds are eating tomatoes at night. It is very familiar for raccoons and deer to come and steal fruits at night. You can recognize this animal by seeing its track. Apply the ideas mentioned above to keep them away.

What is eating my plants at night?

You are still wondering, ‘What animals will eat tomato plants?’ Besides animals and birds, there are various kinds of bugs and insects that feed on tomato plants. Moths, worms, slugs, snails, larvae- these things choose night-time to eat plants and seeds. Dispose of them using an insecticide or any kind of repellent spray. Or kill them instantly using a small tool.


You are growing tomatoes to have a great summer. Eating sweet, ripe tomatoes just plucking from the stem is a heavenly feeling. We eat tomatoes in various ways like salad, pasta, curry, sandwich, and roast. We can have tomato sauce and canned food from tomatoes. But if we fail to grow tomatoes up to full ripening, this will be a horrible issue.

Are you worried about thinking all the time, ‘What animals eat tomato plants?’ we admit that managing a garden is a very hard one. Keeping the park away from animals, insects, and birds is not an easy task. This article discussed ‘What animals eat tomato plants?’ you can have an idea of your desired question.

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