How To Serve Tomato Pie Awesome Ideas| Vegetables?

The best way to enjoy your summer is to make this beautiful southern tomato pigeon on your plate with a glass of hot tea or your favorite drink. To make this savory tomato pie, you don’t need any creamy topping or many ingredients.

All essential elements are from everyday groceries, and nothing goes wrong with additional topping in this lovely red. Let’s not know how to serve tomato pie.

You can have your tomato pie anytime as a side dish or main course, according to your preference. Tomato pie is a super easy, light, and delightful food to have quickly. Nothing is best compared to tomato pie.

Sprinkle with salt and basil leaf when you hope for the best winter dinner. You can make it with homegrown tomato from your vines or canned tomato puree from the market.

Is Tomato Pie A Pizza?

Often a question arises in mind Is Tomato pie a pizza? It can be called one kind of Sicilian pizza. Tomato pie has a thick crust with tomato puree or sauce.

You can add a cheese sprinkle with an optional basil leaf. In pizza, it is necessary to add cheese as a topping and olive, garlic, meat, pepperoni, etc. Pizza crust can be thick or thin according to different regions and tastes.

This tomato pie has been served since the early twentieth century, first in South Philadelphia by Italian bakeries. Tomato pie is called many names, such as:

  • Church pie
  • Square pizza
  • Red pizza
  • Granny pizza
  • Red pie

This savory, tangy-flavored pie was served in a rectangular or square shape with a thick spongy crust in the early twentieth century, and for that, it is compared with Sicilian-style pizza.

This tomato pie was served with only cheese, onion, tomato slices, or puree. Then it was developed with more toppings in Trenton, New Jersey. It came with less sweet dough or crust and a circular shape. It became a Philadelphian food culture like other sweet dishes, cheesesteaks, or famous pan-fried scrapple.

Best Way To Serve Tomato Pie

Usually, you don’t need other dishes to have your tomato pie as it is delicious. But you can add cornbread sticks, little red casserole with bean soup, steaks, meatballs, bacon with an egg, smoked turkey breast, crumbled blue cheese, and so on.

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Add summer corn salad, grilled Caesar salad, baked beans, classic potato Greek salad, and fruits like strawberries, berries, apples, sprouts, etc.

Meat Served With Red Savory Tomato Pie

Tomato pie is perfect for enjoying your hot summer days at a picnic or for a candlelight dinner. You can have meat dishes with it to make best your sweet, sourly crunchy tomato pie.

Meat such as steaks, smoked turkey, sliced ham, chicken fingers, bacon with an egg, and red meat gravy goes with pie.

Store-bought pie crust for tomato pie

If you’re in the hassle of making a pie, you can use a store-bought crust. But you need to make a double crust layer for the chewy crust.

Types of tomatoes used to make tomato pie

To make tomato pie, you don’t need to think about tomato variation as long as they’re fresh, ripen, and juicy. If you want to make your pie with the best tomatoes, here are some names, such as – heirloom tomato and Roma tomato.

Make sure that your tomatoes are soft enough and firm to touch. Super firm tomatoes are best for baking tomato pie.

Soft tomato contains water, which will make the crust gooey and soggy. But to avoid sogginess, add salt to your tomato first.

You can have different types of tomato pie- There are so many fusions of tomato pie served worldwide, such as.

Southern tomato pie

Southern tomato pie is a dish from the Southern United States and consists of a pie crust filled with tomato and toppings of grated cheese with tomato puree.

Mostly it is served in the summertime. This sweet and sour pie is often compared with the lovely green apple with sugar dust.

This type of pie crust can have cheese or not, as it is entirely optional to have cheese on the topping. The crust is thick rather than other pie crusts and a little bit chewy. This is a classic version of tomato pie and a plain one.

Trenton tomato pie

This tomato pie came with a circular shape, thin crust with cheese and tomato gravy topping. This type of tomato pie was invented in new jersey, the United States, in the early midcentury of the 20th.

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It is mainly the opposite of southern-style tomato pie, as Trenton-style pie needs cheese topping first and then tomato gravy.

Heirloom tomato pie

This type of pie is served with meat, cheddar cheese, feta cheese, parmesan cheese, sweet onion, real mayonnaise, an upper topping, fresh oregano, and basil leaf; red pepper is used. It would help to have heirloom tomatoes to taste better for making this lovely red tomato pie.

Cheese, onion, and tomato pie

This tomato and onion pie is based on savory cheese and onion, which is best for vegetarians. For this pie, three types of cheese are used: cheddar, parmesan cheese, gruyere, and Swiss combined cheese. Use fresh tomatoes, sweet onions, butter, basil, and heavy cream for the upper layer.

Italian tomato pie

This is one of the best summertime savory red tomato pies for the perfect appetizer or warm dinner. This savory-sweet and sour tartare is made of fresh ripened tomatoes, cheese, and basil leaves.

Savory tomato pie

You can make your savory tomato pie with your fusion. You can add mozzarella cheese, grated cheddar cheese, or any dairy cream to increase the taste of the savory-sweet heavenly dish.

For the topping, you can use fresh, delicate, chopped green onion, basil leaf, olives, and a pinch of red pepper into your crust.

Kentucky tomato pie

This Kentucky tomato pie is a regular tomato pie made with cheese, mayonnaise, chopped onion, and freshly chopped parsley on top. This pie is seasoned with red pepper or a little sprinkle of oregano.

Utica tomato pie

This kind of tomato pie is not entirely a pizza or a pie. Altogether it is also known as pie pizza but with a thick crust.

It serves a classic tomato pie with chewy, crunchy crust pie, lots of tomato sauce, and topped with grated cheese. Mostly this pizza tastes better with Romano pizza.

(Frequently Asked Questions) About SERVING TOMATO PIE?

What vegetables go well with tomatoes?

There are varieties of tomato pie with different types of season toppings at different seasons. Nothing goes wrong with topping with naturally sweet and tangy-flavored red tomato pie. You can add vegetables like jalapeno, green olive, black olive, spring onion, eggplant, zucchini, spinach, parsley, basil, etc.

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Do you eat tomato pie hot or cold?

Both cold and hot tomato pie has excellent taste in their way. Hot tomato pie is perfect for making your dinner extraordinary. At the same time, leftover cold tomato pie is great for brunch or lunch. But if you like it warm, eat it in your oven for 5-6 minutes.

How do you reheat a tomato pie?

You can warm your leftover tomato pie if you don’t like it frozen or cold. Preheat your oven to 350-360 to get a warm pie, and place your tomato pie on it for 15-20 minutes. You can also reheat your pie in the microwave for 1 minute.

Should tomato pie be refrigerated?

You can enjoy your tomato pie best when it is served warm. But if you want to refrigerate it, you can do it. You can refrigerate your tomato pie in a bag or box overnight and eat it within two days. After that, you have to freeze it.

Can I freeze tomato pie?

Yes, you can freeze your tomato pie. First, you need to place it in the freezer uncovered, and when it gets completely frozen, put it in the bag. Then place it back in the freezer, and the pie will keep up for 3-5 months. But freezing makes the crust gooey and soggy, and topping tomatoes become rubbery.


You can call it tomato pie or red tomato pizza, but something else can make it tasteless when it comes to taste buds. The old version of southern tomato pie to the latest fusion of Philadelphia’s is best for summer or wintersweet and sour dish loads with lots of freshness.

You can have it with toppings like a thick layer of grated cheese or slices of tomato with a sprinkle of onion, or you can taste its original taste. I suggest you have this beautiful dish once in your life if you haven’t tried it.

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